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Masterpiece Watch Restoration

Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Tissot, Patek, Rado, Longines, Hamilton and

other fine timepieces

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Workshop hours are Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 noon - 6:00 pm

Closed Holidays

We are a fully insured, functioning workshop. All repairs are done by our certified watchmakers in our shop. No sending your Rolex to the manufacturer or giving it to a jewelry store that sends it out and charges you for the repair and adds on extra for themselves. Our watchmakers are Rolex trained and certified by AWCI. We use Genuine Rolex and Omega parts. Premises is alarm monitored and equipped with video surveillance for you and your watches protection.

Rolex Service and Restoration

Rolex movement

As a watch ages, it may become vulnerable to the effects of moisture. The gaskets, setting crown and crystal deteriorate over time and should be serviced and replaced under normal circumstances with only genuine Rolex parts.

A Masterpiece Basic Rolex Watch Repair Service includes:

Movement Service. (Clean, Oil & Adjustment )

Lubrication of the movement by hand with only Rolex recommended lubricants

Clean & polish case /band

Replacement of Case back, crown & crystal gaskets

Water Resistance testing using Rolex approved equipment

Adjust the timing of the watch to Rolex standards or better

Other Genuine Rolex replacement parts may be needed at an additional cost.( Crown, crystal, mainspring, spring bars, movement parts ...)

Vintage, Antique and higher value chronograph Rolex watches will incur a higher service charge due to the extra care, skill, patience and the difficulty in securing or fabricating parts that may be unavailable from the manufacturer. Only Genuine Rolex parts are used in our repairs as long as they are available from Rolex. Please keep in mind that our basic service does not include the replacement of any worn parts. Rolex recommends the replacement of crowns, case tubes, spring bars and mainsprings at certain intervals. This pricing is for Modern Rolex watches only.

workshop photo

Rolex Overhaul

A Rolex Complete Overhaul includes:

Complete dis-assembly, cleaning, and close visual inspection of all parts for wear and damage

Replacement of worn or defective parts, as needed to insure future performance

Re-assembly and checking each function of the movement

Lubrication of the movement by hand with only Rolex recommended lubricants

Adjust the timing of the watch to Rolex standards or better

 Note : We will not supply genuine Rolex parts for use on Counterfeit-Replica Rolex watches or any Rolex Repair that has been altered with after market accessories such as diamond bezels and dials. We also do not supply Rolex parts outside of repairs. Replica Rolex watches will not be accepted for servicing.



Witschi Proofmaster S

Watch repair services available:

Battery replacement (most watches) - $15.00 & up
Lithium - $20.00 & up

Complete Battery Service for Water Resistant Watches

Water resistant watches are sealed to prevent water damage. We will test your watch before opening it to detect any leakage.  They should be resealed after a fresh battery is installed.  This includes pressure testing after completion.

If our initial test notes a leak outside of the case back gasket we will then determinte the faulty gasket and estimate the charge to repair before beginning work.
Pressure testing - $10.00 - $25.00
Gasket replacement - $20.00 each
(Includes water testing after installation)
Clean & Polish case/band - $50.00 & up
Watch bracelet link removal - $20.00 & up
Watch bracelet repair - $20.00 & up
Bracelet link pin replacement - $20.00
Spring bar replacement - $20.00/pair-SS
Watch authentication (Visual - internal & external) - $45.00
Watch authentication (External & Internal) - $125.00

Modern High Grade Watches

see-through LeCoultre Watch back

Occasionally it can be difficult to receive satisfactory service from the manufacturer of a modern high grade wrist watch. There has been a boom in the popularity of these watches. As a result it has been hard for the makers to keep up with the demand for repair. Some factory service centers refuse to work on the older models.

Here at Masterpiece Watch, we have considerable experience with these watches. In most cases we can obtain genuine factory replacement parts. Precise testing and several adjustments are required to obtain the maximum performance from the watch. For this reason we cannot promise speed, only quality. We use genuine Rolex recommended leak test equipment and "state of the art" electronic timing equipment. With the proper equipment and attention to detail we often obtain better than factory performance from these watches. We have improved the accuracy on many Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and other high grade watches to the satisfaction of their owners.

Antique Pocket Watch Restoration

key wound pocet watch

  1. Antique Pocket Watch Restoration requires special skills and a great deal of patience. Because of the age of these watches replacement parts are not available through conventional means and often a part must be specially fabricated and fitted precisely in order to insure that the watch performs as it should. These parts require days and many man hours to design and then finally produce. Preservation of originality is an important consideration when designing and fabricating these pieces. Each restoration is a unique project in and of itself. Sometimes the expense is no object and other times practicality is in order.
  2. Some customers enjoy using these old watches today. While there is some risk in using an antique watch on a daily basis there is also a huge satisfaction and joy to experience a watch that still keeps time as it did hundreds of years ago. Many times this is the same watch that their father or grand father might have used every day.